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First, let me introduce myself. My name is Anton Zotin. I'm an independent trainer, coach, mentor, facilitator and change agent. I love what I do, and the reason is simple: my passion is to make software development less painful, more efficient and in this way to help people to be a little bit more happy.
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I assume that if you are here, you are looking for help. What can I do for you? I run public and in-house Agile trainings, as well as, provide 1-on-1 mentoring for leadership roles (like ScrumMasters, Product Owners, Managers). I can act as an Agile Coach or lead your large-scale organizational transformation. It's up to you which service to pick. Just read more on the Services page.
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I love my clients
I travel all over the world working with different clients and amazing people. Do you want to know some names or to read what people think about my work? The Testimonials section is ready to share this information with you.
Michael Oznobkin
Anton is a person who had introduced agile to me around 7 years ago. Thanks to him now I'm an agile believer and practitioner. He's a very good coach and trainer and what's really great about him is that he is never boring, what he explains is always clear and easy to understand. I definitely recommend him as best agile trainer and coach.
Cristina Carrillo
Planning Manager
Anton is a really engaging speaker. I took a Fundamentals of Agile course with him and not only I learnt a lot, but his passion about the subject was contagious as well. He uses interactive methods and learn by doing exercises that make the learnings stick better and make you be constantly active. I would recommend him to anybody that wants to learn more about Agile Methodologies.
Diego Arteaga Posada
Lead Software Developer
Going from an old-school software developer to an enthusiastic product developer, is a journey that changed my perception of my role and my mindset to fully enjoy my life and start discovering my full potential as a human and professional developer. Anton with his patience, professionalism and immense joie de vivre, was the perfect ignition to start this journey and also the perfect accomplice and guide through it… Together we witnessed the powers of transformation, on a personal and team level… as professional reviewers would say… Anton is Thrilling, exhilarating, a magic box of tools and good vibes to bring you and your team's full potential!
Joanna Szymczak
Senior QA Engineer
The training gives a lot of explanation and background of agile. In a great deal it is about "why", and not only "how". Working in an agile framework (e.g. scrum) now feels like experiencing a front-end while going through the training feels like discovering the back-end. The way it was conducted did not leave any room for boredom or tiredness. It was fun and engaging. What I really like is that on many occasions the knowledge was elicited from us and not only transferred to us.
I would definitely recommend this training to all who want to understand agile more in an engaging and active way.
Viktor Weyde
Agile Coach
Anton is a great agile coach and one of the most engaging trainers I've ever worked with. I learned lot more from him than the pure mechanics and methodologies: he was able to teach me the real Agile mindset that gave a significant boost to my career as a scrum master.
Guillaume Sauvé
Product Owner
Anton is one of the most inspiring people I have met recently. He was coaching our Scrum Team and me as Product Owner. You will understand what an outstanding Agile Coach is when you meet him. Anton does not give you direct answers but helps you and your team come up with the right questions taking you to these answers. Ask Anton about the power of your office walls (physical visualization), as a tool to engage the team and facilitate collaboration; this was a game changer for me.
Andrea Rossi
Software Engineering Manager
I definitely recommend taking this training, wether you are new to Agile or already familiar with it. I've always been drawn to the idea and have been doing some kind of Agile development before, but this training actually gave me a better understanding of what it means to be Agile, beyond the specific tools and techniques. In addition, Anton is the best Agile coach I ever had the pleasure to work with and the standard I hold other coaches up to, so.. go for it!

Agile and Scrum consulting and training in Berlin, Germany, EU

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