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Good day, good people!

For many of my long-standing clients, just one picture is enough to understand what this post will be about because that's where our productive cooperation began.

In short: it's about mentoring/coaching. My main task is to help the client realize and/or do what they couldn't do without me.

If long and with examples:

What is mentoring?
Imagine you are an Agile Coach and constantly face situations in the organization where you are not sure what to do exactly and you need advice from a senior colleague - I will be your senior colleague. My task is to listen to you, ask questions that expand the picture of reality for both of us, and based on all of this, give advice and recommendations from which you will choose what suits you.

A real example of a request: "I was asked to prepare a complex and critically important facilitation session for my career, and I know that there is a secret political struggle among its participants."

What is coaching?
Imagine you are a top manager and you have a feeling that you are losing your guiding star of dreams because of the overwhelming amount of tactical routine, and there are still your internal conflicts and suppressed emotions. My task is to help you figure it all out and see a clear path of action.

A real example of a request: "I still remember my dreams and plans when I signed this contract, but it seems that nothing has happened, and I feel bad about it."

Can mentoring be mixed with coaching?
Yes, all these moments are discussed in our first session and can be further re-discussed. Together we find the perfect balance.

How to jump in? Write to me and we'll arrange the first session.

For individuals the price tag is Agile and depends on your income - this also serves as a powerful incentive for me to work with you to help increase your earnings.
And that's all for today.

Do more with less and may the force be with you!
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