Hamsters in the Wheel

Hamsters in the Wheel
We live in an exciting time — our civilization's speed is getting higher and higher every year, every month and even every week. We see many wonders coming true. However, what is the price for that?

I think that we, human beings, have to speed up and while doing this, we are continually losing awareness. One day, drinking coffee and observing the street, I got a metaphor — we like hamsters in the wheel running and running and running. Moreover, the faster we run, the harder for us to think clearly about the direction we are running. So that's happening in all aspects of our lives — work, home, personal development, relationship and many others. It looks like because of that nowadays we have so many technics and professions that help us to start questioning the direction of our run. Yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, coaching, etc. Many people from these spheres are the only hamsters which job is not to run, but to help other hamsters to stop and think.

One type of such hamsters is called Agile Coach. A hamster which job is to stand near a software development team, department, product group or even company wheel and help hamsters inside to stop periodically and think about questions like: "Where are we running?", "Why are we running there?", "Do we all believe that it's the right direction?", "Are we all running in the same direction?", "Are we sure that we are not running into the chasm?", "What is the shape of our wheel?" "Are you sure it is not a square?".

It's hard to do and even harder to explain to others what it is about because we still live in a "faster, higher, stronger" society. However, whenever you make a step into the wheel, you stop being this strange hamster and you are not able to help others with this awareness topic anymore.

So I have a question for you: are you inside or outside of the wheel?

Do more with less and may the force be with you!

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