No bullshit guide 2 Product Strategy, Deep Management 3.0 & other awesome trainings
How Can I Help You
A wide range of ready-to-run training programs (Certified Management 3.0, Agile & Scrum 101, Advanced Scrum Magic, Facilitation & Agile Coaching for Change Agents, etc.) as well as custom designed to address customer's specific needs.
It's up to you either to come to one of the public events or to request a corporate one.

Agile Consulting
Do you need advice from an experienced Agile Coach? Or you need help in (re)launching a product group? Or you have a scaling issue and don't know what to do? Or maybe you decided to run a full cycle systemic Agile transformation? Then let's talk and find the best way how to help you!

Coaching & Facilitation
Sometimes companies already ran a transformation but don't see impressive outcomes. It's an excellent opportunity to bring some facilitation and coaching magic! It could be a player-coach mode. Or it could be a pair work with a leader (ScrumMaster, Product Owner, etc.) to share hands-on knowledge and experience. Design and facilitation of complex sessions (e.g., strategic off-sites, team self-design events, etc.). Personal mentoring.

How It All Starts?

It starts with a dialogue related to your request or problem. Reality shows that a common consultants-clients relationship turns into a lose-lose situation easily. So I prefer to build trust first. What does it mean? In the beginning, you pay just enough to cover my costs (it's zero if we do a Skype session and you cover only tickets and accommodation if I visit you). Such an approach gives you an opportunity to see how I work. However, it also gives me a more detailed overview of what I will face in your company. Once we've established trust, we talk about your needs and compensation.